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Sauna lock introduction and role
- Dec 21, 2017 -

A kind of intelligent induction lock, open the lock door by the magnetic card induction, suitable for hotels, sauna clubs, government agencies, schools, shopping malls, banks, and other corporate filing cabinets and drawers. Mostly used in sauna cabinet, so commonly known as sauna lock.


basic introduction

Performance parameters

Sauna lock performance and parameters generally as follows:

1, the total control card can be set to manage each lock, can open all the emergency door lock.

2, guest card (that is, open the door card) open a door for each door.

3, under special circumstances can enable the mechanical key emergency unlock the door.

4, EM electronic cabinet door lock with the sauna bath management system to achieve card.

5, waiter card can not be opened alone with the guest card must be used at the same time to open the door, that is, double-card open the door.

6, management card has added delete card function, do not need to remove the door lock can be completed.

7, free-form with card, card directly on the lock, simple and convenient.

8, low pressure prompt, the power is lower than 3V when the red light flashing rapidly, continuous ring twice, the door lock can also switch normally 20 times, this time need to replace the battery.

9, Cylinder with small smart lock, reasonable structure, safe and reliable operation.

10, strap card: easy to carry, waterproof, moisture-proof, high temperature, anti-corrosion.