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China made keyless fingerprint door locks
- Jan 01, 2018 -

Starting time: less than 1 second

False rejection rate: less than 1%

Error rate:less than 0.0001%

Finger point:360°

Fingerprint information: not lose when betteries run out or change

Cabacity:100 pieces

Light interfere:avoid explosion under high light

Batteries life:11000 times

power supply:DC6V

Combination capacity:100sets

Backup power:DC 9V

Lower voltage alarm:4.9v

Working temperature:-10°C-55°C

Working humidity:10%-90%

Storage temperature:-20°C-70°C

Combination design:random combonation

Code length: eight bits

lower consumption,dustproof and waterproof,lower power alarm,anti-trial,anti-peep,Enrope and America certificate,resume function,super class B class cylinder.